Web design

in Tanzania

Our web site design and web application development is done in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our key staff has more than 18 years experience in the design and development of websites and other software solutions. Our Web Hosting packages are located in Germany assuring the highest security and reliability on the market.

Web Hosting and Web Design for SME

Our experience with web design in Tanzania varies from large Content Management Systems(CMS) to small design oriented websites with more static content. Typo3 as our main tool for web development and can manage large scale websites with hundreds of editors and thousands of users. Customized extensions such as News, Google Maps, Questionnaires, Voting, DAM and more make it possible to use the Internet for your business to gather information and interact with your current or future clients. Together with our web hosting services we can fully cover your web design and hosting needs all over the world.

Below you can find some screenshots of current projects with individual designs. We do not use out of the box templates and therefore each website has an unique design. For more details contact Sebastian Gärtner.

Why Bootstrap again ;-)

Being in the game since 1998 we had to adapt a great deal. A lot of trends have passed without us noticing and others we followed without them being noticed. In about 2006 css frameworks started to evolve. We worked with YAML (Yet Another Multicolumn Layout) a German based, well engineered CSS Framework. Since 2013 we have shifted to using Bootstrap which is currently one of the most common systems. This makes our live easy and your project more affordable. Having followed the design requirements of hundreds of websites over many years we believe that the era of complicated individual designs as we knew is over. 

Instead the focus will be on highly functional "mobile first" sites. This is the reason we have kept this website rather bare and simple. If you do find us on google then that is due to a clean technological approach.