Web Content Management

Our web content management tools are flexible and fairly simple. They allow users to add and make changes quickly to web content. But they're also sophisticated and powerful enough to meet the demands of a large business; featuring rights and high-end management capabilities to run busy and complex web sites.

We provide the following services for our clients so they can update their own material:

  • Consulting on website content such as company news, profiles and product descriptions
  • Typo3 training - how to use the CMS
  • Training on writing for the web and editing content
  • Image and document processing to avoid huge files

For customized services such as user tracking and web analytics or statistics please contact us.

Content Management System

For the growing demand of dynamic websites with easily changeable content, ESEA uses the most powerful CMS on the market. Typo3 is a framework that includes the latest technologies and features numerous extensions in its user friendly backend.

We are proud of the following references:

  • www.authentictanzania.com
  • www.vanessatamburi.info
  • www.salutefinance.com
  • www.yefafrica.org
  • www.rungwasafaris.com
  • www.swsd.or.tz
  • www.mollysnetwork.org
  • www.kairointernational.com
  • www.merrywater.co.tz
  • www.ecoenergy.co.tz
  • www.condomplus.org
  • www.tgpsh.or.tz
  • www.sagcot.com
  • www.alistairlogistics.com
  • www.visa2dance.com
  • www.mpingoconservation.org
  • www.ccbrt.or.tz - Disability Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • www.makoa-farm.com - Horse riding on Mount Kilimanjaro 
  • www.mm-safaris.com - Hunting in Tanzania
  • www.feminahip.or.tz - Multimedia platform and civil society initiative working with youth, communities and partners, Tanzania 
  • www.tzdpg.or.tz - Official website of the Development Partner Group, Tanzania 
  • www.knightsupport.com - Security Company, Tanzania and Kenya 
  • www.kns.co.tz - Big Game hunting, Tanzania 
  • www.radarrecruitment.com - Professional recruitment agency, Tanzania
  • www.toyotatz.com - Official Toyota Dealer, Tanzania

We have shifted from an "on the job" training for editors of the website we provide now online tutorials stored on Youtube. The benefits of screencasts over on the job training is obvious. Accessible at any time and customized to the individual case. In case of change of staff the online tutorials are still valid.