Go to https://webmailcluster.perfora.net/

and follow the instuctions on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3epmbMPE88 how to change the language.

Then follow the instructions on https://youtu.be/W224Phx1BEs



page.cssInline { 10 = FILES 10 { references.data = levelmedia:-1, slide references.listNum = 0 renderObj = TEXT renderObj.data = file:current:publicUrl renderObj.wrap ( .header { background-image: url(../|); } ) } }

Here is what happened. When running the update wizard in the install tool i got impatient and clicked on it again which must have made it start all over and created dublicates in sys_file and in the sys_file_reference Table. After looking everywhere i found a way to delete all dublicates.

DELETE FROM sys_file
USING sys_file, sys_file as tmp_table
WHERE (sys_file.uid > tmp_table.uid)
AND (sys_file.storage = tmp_table.storage AND sys_file.identifier_hash = tmp_table.identifier_hash);

After deleting in the sys_file table you will get some --- No file found for given UID. --- Error when trying to deal with the missing files in the backend. To sort that you will have to run the following. found this somewhere else.

DELETE FROM sys_file_reference
USING tt_content
LEFT JOIN sys_file_reference
ON tt_content.uid = sys_file_reference.uid_foreign
LEFT JOIN sys_file
ON sys_file_reference.uid_local = sys_file.uid
WHERE sys_file_reference.tablenames = "tt_content"
AND sys_file.uid IS NULL


Better back up your Database before fiddling with this.

tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.iconCObject.file.maxH = 100 # max height of Thumbnails
tt_content.uploads.20.linkProc.iconCObject.file.maxW = 100 # maxi width of Thumbnails

------- as of Typo3 6.x -------------------------------------------------------------------------

tt_content.uploads.20.renderObj.10.file.width = 50 
tt_content.uploads.20.renderObj.10.file.height = 70
find . -type l -printf '%p -> %l\n'

This is what i was looking for. (I had mayn typo3 websites all using the same cores 6.1 6.2 etc. and i did not know which one is pointing where...)


find Symbolic links

This example recursively finds all symbolic links pointing to the known destination

find -L vhosts/ -samefile typo3_src-6.1.act/
page.bodyTag >
page.bodyTagCObject = TEXT
page.bodyTagCObject.field = uid
page.bodyTagCObject.wrap = <body id="page|">


change default backend Language in pageTS

mod.SHARED.defaultLanguageLabel = English
mod.SHARED.defaultLanguageFlag = gb.gif

in the pageTS of your Rootpage.

changes to htaccess

in order to have a redirect to www automatically place this in your .htaccess

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mysite\.com
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.mysite.com/$1 [R=permanent,L]